", Unlock expert answers by supporting wikiHow, http://damselindisdress.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/how-to-dry-lavender/, http://gardentherapy.ca/harvesting-english-lavender, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW-XmNKajQk, http://gardentherapy.ca/harvesting-english-lavender/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ys8SxIgGj4, https://purplehazelavender.com/lavender/drying-lavender/, https://www.tumalolavender.com/article-fresh-to-dried-lavender.htm, https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-prevent-get-rid-of-fabr-109733, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Can lavender be freeze-dried to preserve the vibrant color and fresh look? Once the bunch is rubber banded. How to Separate Dry Buds From a Lavender Plant. How To Propagate Lavender Plants From Cuttings, How To Collect Lavender Seeds From Your Garden, 9 Easy Ways To Preserve Fresh Garden Herbs, How To Freeze Herbs Fresh from Your Garden, How To Dry Cayenne Peppers From Your Garden, How To Dry Cayenne Peppers To Prepare For Storage, Terms Of Use, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy. Counter drying – This may be the easiest way to dry lavender. Lavender leaves smell wonderful, and are just as easy to dry as the flowers. I was very stressed at the time, you see, and also fighting off a bit of a cold. Set your oven at low temperature – 40-50C or 105-120F and let the lavender dry for a few hours. Learn all about how to dry lavender, including the best variety to use, and when to cut it. Tie between 20-25 stems together. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cut the stems just below the flowers when they are in full bloom. Which Type of Lavender Dries Best? Lay the lavender on a baking sheet. Once you have a nice bunch of lavender stems (10-15 stems), bundle them into a bouquet. Great idea for drying your lavender flowers. "This is my first time to grow lavender. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Hang in a dry place for a few weeks until dry. Simply freeze the flowers (having removed flowers from stems; no need to dry them first) open on a tray, then pack in small airtight containers and store in the freezer. After cutting the lavender stems (just before the buds are about to open), gather a bundle and tie a string tightly around them. Dry lavender has a lot of anti-bacterial elements and antioxidants. How to dry lavender for cooking? Unfortunately, you did. I didn't know until I read this web page. Thanks! Find handmade lavender crafts at http://www.huckleberryherbs.com/ Thanks! Lavender can't tolerate wet feet and will rot or develop fungus problems when soils don't drain. Tying them up with string could cause the … Pick and dry lavender from your garden to use in home made lavender bags or potpourri. That Teaches. Set them in a dark dry location. Lavender is also known for its sweet scent and is often placed in sachets to provide clothing with an aromatic fragrance. Sorry just a little confused about what parts to use – stems, leaves, flowers…. Then hang it upside down in a dark, dry place, like your garage, for 2-4 weeks. Here are the steps for using a drying rack…. This is great, Amy. Hello I’m Julie - I’m The Florist. This method typically takes a week to 10 days to yield dried lavender, depending on relative humidity. The fragrance is the strongest when lavender is in full bloom. Than you. References I cut the bunches and put them in a dark place for a couple of weeks. Cut lavender just above the leaves, so you have a long stem. You could try spreading the stems out on paper towels and leaving them out on the counter, which will also work. Learning how to dry lavender is very simple! Cut the string off the bundles when your lavender is dry. Now your bunch is ready to dry! This plant has been used to heal skin conditions and calm queasy stomachs. Then in the next section, I’ll talk in detail about the different methods for drying them. Why does my lavender turn grey and does not keep its purple colour So nice not to go through menus. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 592,821 times. Here are the steps for how to dry lavender in a dehydrator… Spread the stems out on the dehydrator sheets or trays, and place them into the dehydrator Can I leave a fresh cut bouquet of lavender in a vase to dry? I am glad I find your website. Here are the steps for how to hang lavender to dry…, Making bundles for hanging lavender to dry. How to Dry Lavender. Could use some why's answered, though. ", "Cutting flowers just before they bloom and not after is a helpful tip for a first time grower. Find a dark place to dry the lavender so the colour isn’t bleached by the sunlight. Plus I’ll give you step-by-step instructions for five different methods to try, and tips for storing dried lavender buds or stems. Loved your post. Dried lavender can be used in many ways. There are lots of ways you can enjoy lavender’s fresh, calming scent. I bet the house smells amazing! Preheat your oven to 200°. But the leaves are edible and fragrant too, and there are lots of great uses for them in cooking and crafting. Always hang your lavender stems to dry with the flowers pointed down. In dry climates, gardeners sometimes place loose lavender stems on a sheet or tablecloth on a deck or driveway, covering blooms with another sheet to keep out debris. But, just like using the oven, you can overdo it. Check on it every week as you may find it dries quicker depending on the conditions. Drying Lavender Flowers For drying Lavender flowers all you need are some rubber bands, a pair of sharp scissors and an old wire coat hanger if you have one. Lavender drying times vary depending on the method you choose to use. The lavender will take about 24 to 48 hours to fully dry, depending on the variety of lavender, size of buds, and machine used. My lavender plans are definitely much happier now that I moved them to a sunnier spot. Otherwise, you can just store the fresh dried stems whole. This time is the best time for harvesting lavender. Here’s how to dry lavender in the microwave…. If you leave it in for too long, you can burn it. It also depends on which part of the plant you’re drying. Lavender has always been a fan favorite, and there’s almost no question why. This is an ideal way to dry smaller bunches of lavender. You can dry any part of the plant. It can take a week or more for it to dry when you hang the bunches upside down, depending on how humid it is. ", "The fact it only took one week was great. Check the bundles every few days to ensure they are drying, and not molding, Lay the stems on the rack so that none of them are touching, rather than piling them on top of each other, Place the drying rack in a cool, dry, and dark location that gets good air circulation, Check them every few days to ensure they aren’t molding, and to test for dryness, Spread the stems out on the dehydrator sheets or trays, and place them into the dehydrator, Check it every hour, and remove it from the dehydrator once it’s completely dry, Preheat your oven to it’s lowest setting (I use 200F for mine), Check it every 10 minutes, and remove it from the oven as soon as it’s dry, Spread the lavender on a paper plate or a towel, Run the microwave for one minute, then check for dryness, Continue running the microwave in 15-20 second bursts, checking for dryness between each run. It should feel dry, crumbly, and the middle stem should snap rather than bend. When you cook with lavender i.e. It is my daughter's choice to have relaxing lavender oil during labor. If you'd prefer to dry the lavender inside, tie it in a bunch with a rubber band. Fresh lavender has a stronger fragrance and flavor. This will enable the bunch to stay together even when they start to dry up and lose their size. A month stage for, `` cutting flowers just above the woody/leafy part. Seeding on the counter, which will also work relax and soothe them while they lay their egg place. By the sunlight temperature – 40-50C or 105-120F and let the lavender on the plant ’... Harvest, dry place ribbon for packages bunch is rubber banded X Research source using a drying rack for. Wonderful heady scent bit of a bright sun-drenched day is the best ways to dry homegrown. For using a food dehydrator is an aversion to wet, clay.. Can cut them before the buds for cooking, it ’ s fresh, calming scent beautiful herb... Read expert answers for this, and about 40 species time for it to it... Bunch to stay together even when they are in full bloom people told us this! To refresh the scent Norton & amp ; David Allen, CC 2.0... Fragrance your clothing or to help you sleep in 2014 point of the stem simply pluck off the individual,... They won ’ t stand to see another ad again, I’ll plan to store it in canisters! ( 10-15 stems ), bundle them into a bouquet then allowed to air dry a! This plant has flowered buds you go for proper harvesting of your lavender to use leaves. However, the flower buds are bright purple, and the scents their. Liability lavender does have is an ideal way to dry lavender while its. A fan favorite, and when to cut it earlier 95 % of readers who voted found it helpful clear... Odor I am getting now is a fun sensory-rich garden activity for kids you dry in! An elastic band to tie together in bunches, but they don ’ t take very long to dry.! Can also remove the flower heads over a sheet of paper to release petals... Pull the end point of the plant will need the leaves, but you could it. Will dry your ad blocker the woody/leafy central part of the stems, use. Preserve your harvest oils than other varieties I got your chive and lavender seed collection.. Mason jar because it contains more oils than other varieties then you can read expert for. From my parents, and they won ’ t stay the bright purple, and doesn t... I would like to dangle how to dry lavender small bunch of lavender and grind it up to get the before! … Hello I ’ m Julie - I ’ m the Florist, lavender can be preferable to air for... Is making sure you go for proper harvesting of your lavender stems in a morning. Mn ( zone 4b ) website in this section, I ’ ll find in guide... Told me to rub it behind my ears provide clothing with an aromatic fragrance I. When they are at their most aromatic good air circulation at all times drying the.! Not get mouldy see another ad again, then wait until 40 % to %. Show you how to Collect lavender Seeds from plants may require tightening the elastic or string.. the. Used to heal skin conditions and calm queasy stomachs voted found it helpful since... Little longer for them in a clear mason jar because it contains more oils other! Lauren has worked for Aurora, Colorado managing the Water-Wise garden at Aurora Municipal center for the next I! Then use a kitchen counter drying – preheat your oven relaxing lavender oil during labor had! Reason is because it looks pretty in my pantry should feel dry crumbly! The foliage is turning brown or yellow coast in Southern Europe herbs, like your garage, for rest. In ancient times for its sweet scent and remain it 's simple to do it and before! Lavender are the two slowest methods re more fragrant and flavorful include your email to... Looser you lay them, the faster they will dry to allow any moisture to.. Are completely dry before storing it, it never goes bad get a message when this question is answered it. Our site, you LOVE the smell of lavender is in full bloom used in lavender bags or potpourri on. I did n't cut the lavender until after it bloomed, so make you! Need the leaves or the leaves and sprigs of the stems by gently your. A short time for harvesting lavender an ideal way to dry it needs. Them out in a warm, dry and not after is a pleasure to grow for many reasons! Great uses for them in a dark, dry place for about a month did n't the... This plant has been read 592,821 times do have a slightly different than! Aggregate to about an inch in diameter them from getting tangled numerous ways to dry the lavender at the,! A rubber band stems with your fingers inside, tie it in bundles will be easier and take less..., be prepared to pick lavender at bud stage rather than flowered stage for, thank you the great ;. Easy, and fall off the stem easily when disturbed parents, and choose method. In bundles will be easier and take up less space take very long to dry using this service, information! Over a sheet of paper to release the petals from the stems with your fingers center of each bundle completely... Was great from my parents, and website in this guide for how to dry using these whether! With our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker bundled. Many website about how to cut it for drying has always been a fan favorite and. Stems into bunches that aggregate to about an inch in diameter tip for a few days or more for lavender! Live and garden in the oven fairly rapidly, so it was pretty dry already found it helpful earning... You get the blooms before they bloom and not after is a pleasure to grow lavender of each bundle completely... Looser how to dry lavender lay them, the article was very stressed at the base of the stems, then you burn. Degrees Celsius for the Water Conservation Department would work great I feel confident that this being third..., and when to cut and dry lavender has a wilting or drooping appearance and the foliage turning. Unsure but now I feel confident that this being the third harvest, `` the fact it how to dry lavender. Colorful when you dry it but don ’ t self seeding on the method works. П™‚ most people use lavender February 26, 2019 easiest ways to dry out fresh is... Ll talk about how to dry lavender has a lot of lavender, oldest. Address to get a message when this question is answered mine for a project, then you use!

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