Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines. Baryta Mur is considered to be one of the top homeopathic remedies for high Cholesterol in elderly people and the arteries of elderly people also become firm in nature. Homeopathic treatment for High Cholesterol can decrease the high Cholesterol levels in the blood. The homeopathy medicine to reduce the high cholesterol level are safe and very effective.Top homeopathy medicines combination for cholesterol is given below and it is very … The patient of this medicine desire for boiled eggs and sensitive to cold air as well. Apart from this I am healthy, with normal BP, no diabetes, and all other functions normal. High cholesterol and high blood pressure. . I am 36 now and facing issue of High Cholesterol (HDL & VLDL ) need to know Simple Homipoaty medicine and doses. Top homeopathic medicine for high cholesterol. Strophanthus Hispidus is an excellent natural medicine for reducing the extreme effects of high cholesterol levels in blood. thanks. Hello friends, myself Dr. Rawat Choudhary, welcome to my new video about Best Medicines for High Cholesterol. I believe that the Nux Vomica fits me perfectly. When the Cholesterol gets in the arteries then the lumen get hardened and narrowed and it leads it to Arteriosclerosis. Do we have to select a single remedy based on characteristic symptom (like bending double for colosynthesis), or based on mental symptom or based on aggravation and amelioration or combination of other symptoms (totality) ? cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance that the body needs to function normally. The normal levels can be absolutely attained and maintained if homeopathic treatment is started earlier. The patient of Aurum Met may feel pain behind the sternum, especially at night. About Product : Guatteria Gaumeri (Yumel): A Homoeopathic medicine known to be beneficial for Hypercholestrolemia, it is widely recognized by practitioners as natural remedy for high cholesterol treatment. What should we do? The primary focus of homoeopathy treatment for cholesterol is to reduce LDL concentrations and increase HDL. I am G6PD PATIENT.. Symptoms like chest pain, palpitations and shortness of breath can also be effectively controlled by the use of natural medicines. It has covered all types of symptoms which changes as per individual troble. Other Homeopathy medicines for cholesterol treatment are – Allen A89 Cholesterol … I am 5’10” and 75 Kg. This is Viswanathan from Nilgiris. No. Hi Doc… I’m an 81 year old male with Type 2 diabetes. The patient of this medicine feels tightness in the chest and he also feels suffocation on going upstairs. Sir, I am taking a Statin (Atorvatatin group) for years to keep cholesterol level within the range. Cholesterol Homeopathy Medicine. This helps in reducing excess cholesterol … Any suggestions for lowering my mLDL? Kindly advise me. When the carotid arteries narrow which supply blood to the heart, it leads to shortness of breath and chest pain. It is of great help in those cases of high cholesterol where the arteries have become hardened due to cholesterol deposits and where high blood pressure is present. Dibetes conteolled by medicine Now complaining lower left leg pain below knee joint and difficult to walk. But I do consume wine regularly and stronger alcohol occasionally. The patient of this medicine complains of high blood pressure and his arteries will become hard due to Cholesterol. I am also taking Prempro. My problem is muscular pain at night So I want discontinue it and switchover to homeo medicine My age is 66. Recently I did the blood work and my cholesterol and LDL level are higher than normal and bit worried. Cholesterol is a waxy or fatty substance that is present in our blood to perform normal functioning. My diet habbit is normal. There are many homeopathic remedies for high cholesterol. Crataegus Oxyacantha is a natural medicine that acts as a tonic for heart muscles that have become weakened due to reduced blood supply to heart as a result of deposits of cholesterol in the arteries. Arnica200, 2. Call Dr. Sharma's Clinic - From United States and Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients From rest of the world and India call+91-7696069965. Homeopathy has the best treatment for Cholesterol … Daily exercise. High cholostrol 220 mg . I had a recent routine visit with my doctor. You can write about your problem To Dr. Arsalan Rauf and receive a reply on How Homeopathy can help in treating your disease or illness. My most recent blood work shows my cholesterol and LDL levels to be approximately 50 point higher than the norm. I had also completed MHS (Masters of Human Sexuality) in 2014 from SAIHS. Conventional treatment for high cholesterol levels consists of therapeutic lifestyle and, if necessary, cholesterol-lowering medicine. High Cholesterol does not show any symptoms, therefore, you need to detect it using blood report. Hello I have high cholesterol and would like to lower this. Role of Homeopathic treatment in the complaints related to abnormal cholesterol level Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. Please suggest any medicine in homeopathy. Any other medicine which i can use. We can also consider Lycopodium and Pulsatilla in some cases. It is to be noted that thrombosis can have serious consequences so any homeopathic treatment … I experience tinnitus 24 hours a day. Any Suggestions Many thanks. Hello Doctor, I am 42 years old Male, my weight is 95 kg and height is 5feet 8inch. Crataegus is one of the natural homeopathic remedies for high Cholesterol and we recommend it as a tonic for heart muscles because they become weak due to the decreased supply to the heart. Sir my cholesterol result is 277 mg/100 ml and triglyceride is 204 mg/100ml. Allium Sativum Cholesterinum. I would be grateful to receive advice on remedies to take. Crataegus Oxyacantha ranks as the top medicine for dissolving the cholesterol deposits in arteries. In addition to that, I am currently on three blood pressure medications. Allium Sativum: For Lowering High Cholesterol Level. Kindly advise homoeopathy medicine to reduce cholesterol and LDL level. This may lead to a process that narrows arteries & which cause restriction of blood flow. Dear sir Good Evening Sir I m 38 years of age, having palpitation in back side of head & chest. I CANT WALK MUCH AS IT PAINS IN BACK.. PL SUGGESY HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE FOR THAT, Dear Doctor, I am a retired person,78 years of age.I am a strict vegetarian.My weight is 65 kg.I am taking daily 25 mg of Atenolol as per medical advice to keep BP under control at 130/80.But my blood cholesterol levels are not normal. What potency of baryta muriatic & what frequency I should use for lowering cholesterol, I am taking satin medicine last 10 years. My biochemistry taken recently shows : Blood Sugar fasting 86 mg.dL, PPBS 107 mg/dL Cholesterol – 250 mg/dL Triglyceride – 125 mg/dL HDL – 54 mg/dL LDL – 171 mg/dL VLDL Cholestrol 25 TC/HDL 4.63 Blood pressure 120/80 normally. My blood sugar is normal. They are. Can you tell me what my dosage and potency would be, I am at 215lbs. Aurum Met is one of the top homeopathic remedies for high Cholesterol and it is made of gold. Heaviness and vertigo consequent to the reduced blood supply to brain can be tackled well with this medicine. Excessive sweating on the scalp is another marked symptom of homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carb. I also want to reduce my weight as well but due to back pain I can not do lots of exercise. I have tried out combinations (not for cholesterol) of Powell, Dr.Bhattachraya (septnate mixers) and Soham foundation vibronic homeo medicines etc. Took 5 doses and wound up in the hospital for 2 weeks with what I was told was an alergic reaction. Total cholesterol 257. It forms a basic part of all the cells, helps to digest food and helps to produce hormones and vitamin D. … Which medicine will u suggest. My cholesterol is 230 , Triglycerides and HDL is also out of range. I am 67 years old, height 5.7′, weight 63 kg, male, suffer sometimes from anxiety. I an 68 years male. Fel tauri is an effective remedy in the treatment of high blood cholesterol… Mentally, such patients are very irritable and angry. Homeopathic treatment for high cholesterol and triglycerides has many amazing benefits Homeopathy works on the principle of “like cures like” which means that the disease-producing powers of any … Information is very versatile and useful indeed. 2016 he got cerebral hemorrhage and he was in coma for 3month now he is right side pearlized and can’t walk and no sense in urin and stool. Every time when i am using following mediicians in my both kiddneys too pain accoure . Now I have irritating muscle and shoulder joint pain for 2 months. He has stones in both the Kidneys. Best homeopathic medicines for high cholesterol. Fasting glucose level stands at 113.9 mg/dL. In addition, there are some marked mental symptoms of this medicine, the patient becomes angry at the slight contradiction leads him to think of committing suicide. … Cholesterol A 6.09 normal range 2.00-5.19 mmol/L LDL Cholesterol A 4.04 normal range 1.50-3.40 mmol/L I am a vegetarian. The natural remedies first help in reducing the high cholesterol levels in blood and secondly, they have the inherent power to dissolve the cholesterol deposits that have clung to the arterial walls and narrowed down their lumen. Aurum Metallicum is prepared from gold and is very beneficial for patients with high cholesterol levels. In Homeopathy,remedies are highly individualized to the patient and this will help lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, raise HDL cholesterol, inhibit the formation of plaque, lower high blood pressure, detoxify the body and also enhance your immunity system. Kind regards. What homeopathic medicine can be taken in this situation? Have had to increase rauwolfia to 30 drops twice & still be keeps going up. HDL Cholesterol 49. homeopathic treatment for high cholesterol. Thanks & Regards WhatsApp no. Hi I am 54 years old male. The mixture of Cholesterol and proteins is known as lipoprotein. My doctor wanted to put me on a statin for my cholesterol, but about 10 years ago, a different doctor had put me on the statin “Vitorn”. My height is 5’8″ and my weight is 86 kg. These medicines act in two ways for high cholesterol patients. Hypericum200, 3. gelsinium200 4. My son (13 year old) has high cholesterol, he only eats unhealthy fried, salty food. Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Which medicine will suite me best to reduce the cholesterol, Hi I have normal ldl vldl and triglycerides. I feel discomfort in cold weather. Kindly suggest medicine Thanking you , D P Ghosh. Have exercised for 30 years. In this medicine, the symptoms of cardiac pain, palpitations and breathlessness are also present. But feel tired/exhausted after having daily routine work. It also has the capacity to drain off the dropsical affections that have occurred from extreme effects on heart due to high cholesterol deposits. I have high cholesterol. This remedy is generally made by using garlic, it is very good natural medicine in controlling the cholesterol, which is … The heart problems as a result of high Cholesterol and tobacco smoking can be treated with Strophanthus Hisp. To be more specific I have authored different websites as well. Could you kindly recommend best remedies to normalise these levels. Hi dr.sharma My mother having high cholestrol LDL HDL triglycerides with diabtes mellitus. Otherwise in fairly good health. When the organism is healthy and balanced, the … What shall be the appropriate medicine for him in homeopathy? Report just 15 days before. When the blood cholesterol rises beyond this limit, it is referred to as high cholesterol. Fill the Comment Form below. Allium Sativum is one of the best homeopathic remedies for high cholesterol levels. . I was under weight already and now it is so much. My triglyceride is 261 ;fasting BS is 149;PP BS is 160 I am taking beta blocker selo ken 50 ;glycomet sr 500; Thyronorm 50; geval plus 500. I get to feeling really bad is blood sugar drops below 100… But, I feel fine when it’s higher. Homeopathy for High Cholesterol not only helps in reducing the high cholesterol levels in the blood, but also dissolves the cholesterol deposits clinging to arterial walls.  The Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholesterol are made of natural substances and are completely safe with zero side effects. Cholesterol is a fatty or waxy substance present in blood that is required for normal functioning of the body.  The normal required level of cholesterol in blood is less than 200mg/dl. Which homeopathic medicine can I take to lower my cholesterol? No smoking and drinking habits, I meditate and have no diabetes. This homeopathic medicine is helpful and you can use it in old age to strengthen the weak heart muscles. I have cravings for both sweet and salty foods. The complete blockage of coronary artries leads to heart attack. Hello Doctor, Im of 35. The patients in whom high cholesterol is the result of excessive eating of meat can benefit by this remedy. My cholesterol number is 400. My colostrol level is 220. Hi Dr. Sharma, Both my husband and I have high cholesterol and he also has high blood pressure which is on medication for. hello plz prescribe me some good homeopathic medicines for reducing high level of triglyceride and increasing HDL i am 25 years old and having genetically history record of high blood pressure and diabetes. I am interested in treating my familial high cholesterol holistically. Cholesterol is attached to proteins and it is carried through your blood. Kindly suggest me homeo medicine for such type of irregularities. Also I get a strange tingling in my limbs. I have autoimmune under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and put on weight easily. high cholesterol and its homeopathic treatment. Wanting help from you, thank you. It does not show any symptom until the cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels. Now a day his blood urea and creatinine is high and colostral also increase.